Listening to music can help you to deal with a lot of stress and anxiety in general. Amplifying sound can make simple occasions really better and add to the enjoyment as well. With the upgrade into the technology, people are getting more and more options for their use of sound amplifiers.

Let us look into which type of amplifier is sounds better and prominent that can come in handy for everyone. Also, we are discussing different types of products, so to learn more regarding the aspect, consider reading until the end.

Different types of amplifiers

With the upgraded technology, you are provided with an array of different types of amplifiers that better features that can come in handy for everyone. However, not amplifiers are the same, but each one of them has features.

Class A amplifier

These are different types of amplifier topology as they use just one output-switching transistor. When you are using the transistor, then it might be biased around the Q-point with its medium of load line. Amplifier with class A has topology never turns OFF that can be counted as one of its disadvantages. However, it is provided with better design that has been focused on excellent linearity, high gain as well as distortion levels.

Class B amplifierstereo amplifier

These amplifiers were invented as a solution for the efficient and heat problems that were prior associated with class A amplifier. The basic class B amplifier uses two complementary transistors, either bipolar or FET of half of the waveform, with its amazing performance.

Class AB amplifier

Class AB amplifier provides its meaning class A and class B type amplifiers that we have mentioned above. You are provided with an AB amplifier that provides a variation of a class B amplifier that has been described above. The two transistors have a very small bias voltage that is mainly 5-10 percent of the quiescent current to bias that has cut off point.


Hence, these are basics of different types of amplifiers that are magnificent, and some of them are mentioned above. If looking for premium quality, then the class AB amplifier is the ideal one to consider for premium sound.