It is necessary for people to understand headphone jack and plus differentiation. People have comprehended that apple has left headphone jack stupendous. When apple eradicated headphone jack from the iphone7 for the lightning port. A similar feature has been opted by the other smartphones.

We are here assisting with the difference between a headphone jack and plug that have been differently opted by the companies as per their requirement. Let us look into the guide as to which one is trendier than others.

Difference between a headphone jack and plug

You must have seen a different jack and socket. The headphone jack is a group of electrical connectors that are typically put to use for analog audio signals. Different names that are used for it are phone jack, audio jack, aux input, etc.


When it is electrical and mechanical trades, and manufacturers, each of the half meeting pair connectors is present that is deliberately designed. The audio industry has not unified in the perfect way the electrical and mechanical trades have to define the varied gender of connectors.

The plug is known to be as the male connector, whereas jack is known to be as the female connector. Jack can be traced back to 1874 by the famous engineer who called it a jackknife connector. Earlier, jack was ¼ inch version and still has mainstream usages. Traditionally, there was an array of jack designs, and rounded tip design was the most popular design among all others as it was compatible with different manufacturers. However, with the rise in audio stereo, different tip profiles became famous.

The connection with the plug is dependent on the conductors. Manufacturers can choose to differentiate between jack and plugin in varied ways. It is necessary that the conductor and plug are complementary to each other.

The final verdict

From the details stated above, it is easy to comprehend that jack and plug both are part of the electrical connector’s family. In addition, where the jack is a female connector and plug is the male connector for people to use to do different work. It is better to comprehend the differentiation between both of them so that you can make convenient use of these plugs and jacks with a proper understanding of fixing or installing different electronic units. We hope you find details stated above helpful in comprehending the work of headphone jack and plug for better assistance.